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MAY 2023 - The votes are in and the Conservatives are out. Now the victors need to take their seats out for a spin, and try to come up with reforms that might make a difference. Affordable homes and a rolling stock of land to be able to supply to self builds and flat packs. No services are required in the modern world. It is cheaper to stay off the grid, with water treatment units and boreholes for water supplies. Solar panels can supply all the energy you'll need. But renewable hydrogen could be a game changer. Supplied as green methanol, to pass through a fuel cell, via a reformer. The world is your oyster.






The Liberal Democrats were the overall main party elected with 13 seats, with the Green Party coming in second with 11.

The Conservatives saw the biggest drop, going from 28 seats to eight. Labour was almost invisible. Who knows what might happen nationally at a General Election. A Green-Libdem coalition maybe?


A wave of Green Party wins has swept Wealden – making history by winning an unprecedented 11 seats. Greens gained two seats in 2019 and added two more in by-elections – and on May 4th nearly tripled their presence on the Council. With these results, the Green Party has established itself as a leading force within Wealden District Council. Alongside the Libdems.

There were stunning wins in wards that have long been Conservative strongholds, Greens over-turning large majorities in most cases. Arlington, Buxted, Crowborough St Johns, Danehill & Fletching, Frant & Wadhurst and Horam & Punnetts Town have all gone Green.

All four sitting Green Councillors increased their majorities. Bucking the trend for low turnouts in local elections, in all wards where Greens stood turnout was up, with a remarkable 51% in Arlington and 53% in Danehill & Fletching Ward.




There are 13 Liberal Democrat councillors in Wealden.




There are only 8 Conservative members and now 9 Independents. Where previously, the Conservatives ruled the roost.




The problem for those newly elected, is the mess the outgoing members have left you to clear up. And it is a huge pile of poop.


Potential cures to these ails might be:




Council officers will seek to train incoming candidates and brainwash them to the Pothole Party way of thinking. In revealing their dirty laundry, you will be asked to sign a Confidentiality Agreement. That is to protect them from you when it is revealed how unlawfully/illegally a Conservative led council was conducted. Be careful not to be brainwashed. Look at what is presented against Statute, Common Law, and common sense morality. Have they acted with integrity in the past? Doubtful. Or why the need for a Non-Disclosure Agreement : ) It is so that you don't spill the beans about what you find out during your membership.




To make better use of the free energy from offshore wind turbines, perhaps by generating hydrogen for fuel as gas for homes, and to generate electricity for fuel cell vehicles, and hydrogen for IC engines like that produced by JCB, or produce green methanol for other road cars, such as to use the existing service station infrastructure. Unfortunately, that presumes members are up to speed with such developments. It also presumes that funding development grants do not go to those already in fossil fuel businesses, with conflicts if interest. Such as investors in oil companies, or their subsidiaries.


There is no reason why Wealden might not endorse such technology, and even encourage the transition, with the right policies in place. To make it happen.


The UK could become a net exporter of energy and renewable technology. The energy cost 'crisis' would be averted. Energy companies that do not invest in renewables, could be fined, and/or lose their franchise. This might mean the enactment of urgent legislation, which the Conservative party might not support.




Where councils are not providing land for low cost housing (just about all of them), Wealden might prevent consents for executive housing, until developers provide low cost housing up front. Requiring statutory reform, maybe, except that the 2021 National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) provides that there should be "Entry Level Exception Sites" (Section 65 (d)). And at Section 68 (a), where they have to identify Specific Deliverable Sites - for a five year period. Wealden District is just one geographical location taking advice from Local Government Association advisers, on how to avoid meeting their obligations.


However, the simple act of retaining a register, with the get-out that they cannot provide land with services, is not a valid excuse for failing to provide the five year rolling stock of land. Simply because, once land is identified and made available by earmarking for low cost housing, flatpacks and other mobile units can be installed Stand Alone, and Off Grid. With the latest technology, water, waste, electricity and Wifi can all be provided without connecting to conventional services: Off-Grid. Further reducing the cost of living.


Low income earners are forced to rent at market levels, pushing vulnerable families into unaffordable debt. Once again, this is a loophole that needs to be closed, and the council has compulsory purchase powers to obtain land, once it has been identified in a local plan, to be used for affordable homes. Thus, valuing the land at the price to be sold on to custom, or self-builders, we suggest at something like £1,650 per 340m2 plot. Twice the price of arable pasture. That would yield 12 plots per acre.


Money that goes to renting companies and wealthy landlords, frequently finds its way offshore, so out of the UK economy. Creating a loss of income, that would otherwise be spent on taxable goods in the UK. In Wealden, it is alleged that at least one senior councillor has registered property offshore. It is unclear if this was to avoid registering conflicts of interest, or for tax advantage.




We need to encourage entrepreneurs in music, films and publishing in the Wealden area. One thing we are good at is creating original scripts and songs and producing very exportable actors, music is a valuable export. The pop group Abba, was once Sweden's second largest export, after Saab vehicles. Creative people should be encouraged, to write books and illustrate comics.




We are reliant on the import of cheap goods, and much of our food. We should encourage sustainable fishing along our coasts, and the growing of vegetables and grain, to reduce as much as possible, imports. Wealden has a number of vineyards, and cherries and other fruits and berries can be grown. Allotments should be provided on a free-basis, to those willing to dig for victory.







Greenhouse Gas Awards contender, Wealden District Council



REPEAT OFFENDERS - It's no wonder that Extinction Rebellion is gathering such momentum with councils all over England carrying on as if there was no crisis. The carbon footprint for Herstmonceux village has rocketed because of all the failings of the members of Wealden to tackle climate change and set a good example. Wealden's councillors have granted planning permission for hundreds of houses without solar panels or electric vehicle charging points. If this example by every town and village in the United Kingdom, then our country would be one of the worst polluters in the world on a per square kilometer basis. The councillors you voted for are partly responsible for killing hundreds of species. It makes us want to glue ourselves to something. Peacefully mind you. This village is a contender for the Greenhouse Gas award 2019.








GRETA THUNBERG - is a Swedish climate activist. At the COP24 climate talks in Poland, December 2018, Miss Thunberg addressed the Secretary-General of the United Nations. She received a standing ovation for one of her talks. She is behind the global school strike created to call attention to climate change. She is a rebel. With a cause. Miss Thunberg is 15 and autistic and the newest, youngest and most powerful voice on the world stage demanding the world address global warming. If only Greta was a Wealden Councillor, we might stand a chance of cleaning up this area of the United Kingdom. We'd vote for Greta as  Prime Minister if she were British and certainly think she should be a European MEP.





Why invest in kleptocratic Wealden? Good question. The district is suffering from rapid over development without the infrastructure to support new build houses that are climate unfriendly. Developers are getting the go ahead to join the ranks of climate criminals, such as Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump because it is business as usual in Sussex and more milking the system that gave us global warming. What are they like! Thank heavens we now have new blood.


We'd like to know how these councillors got elected and what connections there might be that are secreted to cause them to give consents in denial of the Climate Change Act 2008. We'd also like to know how the officers of this council got their jobs, when plainly they could not plan for a sustainable local economy if they tried. As the saying goes: "they could not organise a piss-up in a brewery."


Wealden Conservatives were selling our heritage down a river of sewage that they are creating on our doorsteps. The charm of our villages is being lost while our roads deteriorate, unable to cope with the extra traffic from the deluge of cardboard boxes being built as nondescript estates that will clog up our villages with more congestion, making life hell for locals. The renting society grows the divide between rich and poor increasing poverty, where we should be aiming for a fairer society. Not a society where councils invest in oil companies like Shell and BP who are looking at fracking for their pensions. Yes, they are climate criminals and should stand to be counted as the villains of climate change.







WEALDEN CLIMATE DIMWITS - We can only report on what is happening local to ourselves. You will need to see if your local authority are acting for the common good, or if they are doing the same as the climate dimwits in Sussex. This is as of January 2019. We hope that by the same time in 2020 we can say that our climate fools have either been on a climate awareness course, or that planning-speeding has been outlawed in the United Kingdom - preferably by statute. Because we all know that if there is a loophole or any gray area at all in the law, this council will use it to make another fast buck. The old timers at Wealden are like the frogs in boiling water. They are so used to creating greenhouse gases that they actually like it. What about meat free Mondays. Not in Wealden, it's beef, beef, beef and lamb! This council declared a Climate Emergency in July of 2019. We await sight of the Action Plan.






Property prices will tumble, but only once genuinely affordable developments kick in. But that might need statute where councils are a law unto themselves, being protected by corrupt police against any investigation of impropriety. To be able to meet our climate change targets things will have to change. Remember to vote for councillors who stand for the United Nations ideals, not the silent type who does favours for mates for favours that are untraceable by Her Majesty's Inland Revenue. You can kiss goodbye to tourist $dollars Maam. Nobody will want to visit a Noddy Land where identical houses gobble fossil fuels and overshadow those with character and where property slavery is the norm. "Row harder slaves." At the council we are alright Jack!


What kind of life does Wealden offer? A stressful one that adds to global warming. We therefore appeal to those looking to serve the public who might apply some common sense to the issues we are facing today. We should be conserving our heritage, not selling ourselves short for quick profits. Wealden is not a Responsible Corporation. Why on earth would anyone want to work for them and become corrupted? Worse still, would you buy a house in this region. Knowing that you are contributing to climate change?







GAGGING - You know they are hurting from the truth when they try to gag you. The state will spout all kinds of spin to make it sound as if they are accountable and operating transparently. But when it comes to it, they will seek to prevent publication of any inconvenient truths such a the Potty Training episode. Politicians will always do their best to escape notice and accept the blame when they have done something wrong. Articles 9 and 10 of the European Convention of Human Rights are supposed to prevent gagging, but do they work in a United Kingdom that has corruption lurking around every corner? Typically, the NHS and Councils, including Wealden, will insist on a non-disclosure clause when settling any claim where they have been negligent or breached a persons human rights. This is usual in Constructive Dismissal cases, involving whistle blowers. We wonder if that is in the interests of transparent government as per SDG16. Surely, it would be better the other way around. Oversights should be reported to the media as a matter of course. Whistle blowers are patriots, helping to make society a safer place and reinforcing democratic principles.





Pacific Gas and Electric PG&E Hinkley California Erin Brockovich



WATER CONTAMINATION - A planning application that was received in September 2018, is in connection with one of the most controversial grants ever to be made under the dubious lead of Kelvin Williams and Charlie Lant, both officers now ousted from their former positions in Wealden District Council.


The problem now for those who are left to pick up the pieces, is how to give the developers something for their efforts without breaking Environmental laws or becoming a party to criminal pollution from future users of the proposed houses, that is beyond their control and where conditions would be unenforceable - as would doubtless be part of any claim in damages from those affected by the inevitable pollution.


If houses are built on the hill at Lime Cross, that supplies the last surviving well in Herstmonceux, all of those who presently enjoy a sustainable water supply from the oldest working well in the village are likely to be poisoned by pesticides from a number of the gardens of the proposed housing - at the moment that looks like being 28 units positioned directly above and in the groundwater soakage line of fire. In addition, where the hard standings of the proposed 70 houses are to be gully drained to a point lower than the twin wells, rainwater soakage that supplies the wells will be diverted away potentially starving the wells of water, save that from the garden areas that are impossible to gully. The amusing cartoon above portrays the situation that perhaps the developers were not aware of, when they bought into a situation that they should have been able to rely on.


Unfortunately, the council concerned and the advisers to the original applicants appear to have been less diligent than they might have been, possibly caught up in the rush to profit from a windfall situation. The question that is probably on your lips is: "Was that an oversight, or was it deliberate"? Five of the councillors giving consent in 2015 are still on the APS committee in 2018, while seven are newcomers. Those who served previously will now be faced with new information that was not given to them when that Committee voted by one to give consent. The incoming Members will have a lot to grapple with to catch up but may find that the issues have been distilled from the large number of objectors who are concerned about village over-development with insufficient services and protections.


Information that was not provided by the then vendor, Tim Watson, or Developer Gleeson Developments may be laid at their foot, for the onus was on them to survey the land properly in relation to any potential contamination. There can be no doubt that Gleeson and their advisers knew of the wells in Lime Park, just as they knew that surface water run off through the private ponds would lead to flooding and was beyond their control. Though, this information appears not to have found its way to Latimer Developments, Thakeham Homes or the Clarion Housing Group - or maybe it has and they simply do not care.


Another problem that is rearing it's head with many developments is that corporations are building what they want to build without constructing the affordable unit quotient or making improvement to drainage and access roads that some council's have been kind enough to overlook at the grant stage with a promise from developers to overcome, when in fact those developers simply vanish without trace, leaving nobody to pick up the tab for the breaches of contract they have engineered. In other words development is never completed to a stage where flooding and other contamination measures are safe.


In addition, the Pevensey and Cuckmere Water Level Management Board concluded that the developer's water management ‘strategy’ was certain to result in flooding on site and off site (in Lime Park) because the pipes into the ponds are far too small/not designed for heavy duty runoff, and there are legal obstacles to changing them. Building in yet more water pollution issues, but this time at the other end of the field, where the developer has proposed dealing with surface water through a pond not under the control of the developer, so leaving the developer unable to provide what is required in law if such application if granted.


These are issues that we are sure would cause concern to the Secretaries of State for the Environment (Michael Gove), Housing (James Brokenshire), Culture (Jeremy Wright) and the Prime Minister, where Theresa May is quoted as being concerned at the housing shortage from years of lackluster performance from developers and local authorities. That said, cutting corners that will lead to future complications is not the way to fill the financial void from central Treasury cuts, even if Liz Truss believes otherwise.






IN CASE YOU MISSED IT - This is the oldest and only working well in the village of Herstmonceux. We have become so used to mains water that we have forgotten about our roots. That is what makes this well just a few hundred yards outside of this Sussex village so important.




Copyright photograph Herstmonceu Museum 18th March 2019



MARCH 18 2019 - A sign from above as to the worth of this local historic asset, or perhaps a warning to would be developers? However this rainbow may be interpreted, what is for sure is that four years ago this same phenomenon was captured on film to remind us that we should respect nature. This field is prone to flooding, perhaps a reference to the Biblical cleansing and survival of Noah, his family and the animals that sought refuge in the Ark. Copyright © photograph 18 March 2019, Herstmonceux Museum. All rights reserved. You will need the permission of the copyright holders to reproduce this picture, save for private research or educational use.




Glyphosate is one of the ingredients of RoundUp Pro



ROUNDUP - Allowing houses to be built in such close proximity to a working well is madness. You might as well pour weedkiller, paints and oils directly into this drinking water. But who will the claims of contamination and illness be against?






FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH, OCTOBER 2018 - This fountain is fed from the old well at Herstmonceux. Anyone may imbibe the health giving qualities of this natural water supply, such as ramblers and visitors to Lime Park. It is a criminal offence with unlimited fines for any person who pollutes groundwater. By this means wells such as this last surviving working example in the village are protected in law. Alternative water supplies from wells are needed as reserves in case of pollution of reservoirs and other (aquifers) supplies. Bottled water being a last resort in emergencies. SDG 6 of the United Nations sustainability goals concerns safeguarding water supplies.




Council offices in Hailsham and leisure centre



HAILSHAM OFFICES - It's easy for a council to generate income from granting themselves planning consent on one site and then selling off another when it becomes prime real estate. These are the recently developed offices at Hailsham, it has to be said; almost totally devoid of climate change offset features. Wealden sold off their offices in Crowborough much to the annoyance of local residents. We would like to know why this Council built two buildings in the first place when one is more than sufficient in a sustainable world? This is another example of a council wasting tax dollars with poor management decisions, in the process creating tons of carbon dioxide, so making them climate criminals.




March 15 2019 is global climate strike day   


MARCH 2019 CALL TO ARMS - They are school kids temporarily sacrificing their education in order to save our futures from dangerous climate change. What stars. On November 30, over 15,000 boys and girls went on strike from school in every capital city and over 20 regional centres across Australia. On March 15, they are going even bigger and inviting adults to join them in solidarity for a Global Climate Strike. We're in. Why not join them and see if it makes any difference in Wealden !!!


UCKFIELD NEWS JULY 23 2015 - Wealden Council planning policy has been dealt a second blow within a matter of weeks.

First came news of a defeat at the Court of Appeal over its 7km Ashdown Forest protection zone and now a planning inspector has overturned a decision to refuse permission for 103 new homes to be built at Steel Cross, Crowborough.


Cllr Ann Newton, Wealden cabinet portfolio holder for planning said: “The progress we have now made is an opportunity to move forward with a range of smaller sustainable developments which are not reliant on building on greenfield sites close to the forest.” Cllr Newton added: “Whilst I am happy to see that we are now in a position to see certain development with the mitigation take place, it is not open season for unsustainable speculative development in Ashdown Forest and surrounding areas.”


What everyone seems to be missing here is the double standard this Council are applying, asking everyone else to supply a carbon statement for new (or even permitted) development but where their own Nottingham declaration is wide of the mark. For example at P4 of their MOU: "Encourage renewable energy to be incorporated in all new developments where appropriate."


Where this Council acknowledges the need for a 1% reduction (at least) each year until 2050 - hence a 60% reduction over 1990 levels, then all new builds must be near zero carbon to achieve the savings.







THE WISHES OF THE MANY - In our view Mr Edmonds and the Ministers contacted are justifiably concerned as to Wealden District Council ignoring the wishes of the public and the needs of our wounded soldiers. Council officers are civil servants, not gods sitting on a throne deciding who gets what and the price it is going to cost them. All to often, councils put a legal spanner in the works just to hike up those costs to make whatever the proposal is too expensive to pursue. In this manner they retain their empire and build their part at the expense of the taxpayer who is more than likely not being fairly represented by the members of these councils. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAo-xyIEEkI





   Uckfield News Ashdown Forest rule Court of Appeal overturns council decision



GLOBAL WARMING - The Sun provides us with an infinite supply of energy upon which all life on earth depends. Our blue planet has experienced many climate changes in its history, including the ice age when amazing creatures such a the Dinosaurs and Mammoths suffered extinction. Man is artificially warming the planet by burning fossil fuels in some kind of economic arms race that cannot be sustained and must be brought under control if we are not to extinguish the lives of many more species such as the Polar Bears in the Arctic.


UCKFIELD NEWS JULY 9 2015 - 7km Ashdown Forest rule dropped but council says developers must prove plans will not harm forest. The Ashdown Forest 7km rule has been removed from Wealden District Council’s Core Strategy Local Plan.






Dick Angel
Councillor Dick Angel

Heathfield Nth & Cenrl - Cons


KIevin Balsdon
Councillor Kevin Balsdon

Pevensey and Westham - Cons


Jo Bentley
Councillor Jo Bentley

Hailsham South and West - Cons


Councillor Bob Bowdler

Heathfield East - Cons


Linda Clark
Councillor Lin Clark

Pevensey and Westham - Cons

Deputy Chairman Standards


Nicholas Collinson
Councillor Nicholas Collinson

Hailsham Central & North - Cons

Portfolio Community Leadership Human Resources


Nigel Coltman
Councillor Nigel Coltman

Hailsham Central and North - Cons

Chairman of Licensing


Dianne Dear
Councillor Dianne Dear

Pevensey and Westham - Cons

Dep Chair of Planning South


Phil Dixon
Councillor Phil Dixon

Rotherfield - Conservative

Dep Chair of Audit Finance


Pam Doodes
Councillor Pam Doodes

Ninfield & Hooe with Wartling

Conservative - Vice-Chairman


Claire Dowling
Councillor Claire Dowling

Uckfield Central - Cons

Dep Ldr Public Health Safety


Janet Dunk
Councillor Jan Dunk

Heathfield North & Central - Conservative


Philip Ede
Councillor Philip Ede

Alfriston - Conservative


Helen Firth
Councillor Helen Firth

Uckfield New Town - Cons


Jonica Fox
Councillor Jonica Fox

Cross-in-Hand/ Five Ashes - Conservative


Roy Galley
Councillor Roy Galley

Danehill/ Fletching/ Nutley - Cons

Portfolio Economic Dev & Waste Man


Richard Grocock
Councillor Richard Grocock

Hailsham South and West - Cons


Chris Hardy
Councillor Chris Hardy

Hartfield - Cons- Chairman




Jim Hollins
Councillor Jim Hollins

Crowborough West - Cons


Peter Holloway
Councillor Peter Holloway

Forest Row - Conservative


Johanna Howell
Councillor Johanna Howell

Frant/ Withyham - Cons

Ch Planning North


Toby Illingworth
Councillor Toby Illingworth

Buxted & Maresfield - Cons



Stephen Isted
Councillor Stephen Isted

Crowborough Jarvis Brook - Independent


Andrew Andy Long
Councillor Andy Long

Herstmonceux - Cons


Michael Lunn
Councillor Michael Lunn

Buxted & Maresfield - Cons


Phillip Lunn
Councillor Philip Lunn

Crowborough East - Cons


Barry Marlowe
Councillor Barry Marlowe

Uckfield Ridgewood - Cons

Dep Ch Licensing


Rowena Moore
Councillor Rowena Moore

Forest Row - Conservative


Kay Moss
Councillor Kay Moss

Crowborough St Johns - Cons

Dep Chair Overview & Scrutiny


Douglas Murray
Councillor Douglas Murray

Willingdon - Conservative


Anne Newton
Councillor Ann Newton

Framfield - Cons

Portfolio Planning & Dev


Amanda O'Rawe
Councillor Amanda O'Rawe

Hailsham East - Conservative


Mark Pinkney
Councillor Mark Pinkney

Hellingly - Conservative


Dr Brian Redman
Councillor Dr Brian Redman

Mayfield - Conservative

Chairman of Standards Committee


Ronald Reed
Councillor Ronald Reed

Crowborough North - Conservative


Carol Reynolds
Councillor Carol Reynolds

Uckfield North - Cons







Greg Rose
Councillor Greg Rose

Crowborough East - Cons

Chair Overview & Scrutiny


Peter Roundell
Councillor Peter Roundell

Danehill/ Fletching/ Nutley - Cons

Chairman Audit Finance


William Rutherford
Councillor William Rutherford

Frant/ Withyham - Cons


Daniel Shing
Councillor Daniel Shing

Polegate South - Ind Democrat


Oi-Lin Shing
Councillor Oi Lin Shing

Polegate North - Ind Democrat


Raymond Shing
Councillor Raymond Shing

Willingdon - Independent Democrat


Stephen Shing
Councillor Stephen Shing

Willingdon - Independent Democrat


Angela Snell
Councillor Angela Snell

Polegate North - Conservative


Robert Standley
Councillor Robert Standley

Wadhurst - Conservative

Leader of the Council


Susan Stedman
Councillor Susan Stedman

Horam - Conservative

Chair Planning South


Roger Thomas
Councillor Roger Thomas

Heathfield North & Central - Cons


Jeannetter Towey
Councillor Jeannette Towey

Crowborough West - Cons


Chris Triandafyllou
Councillor Chriss Triandafyllou

Hailsham South and West - Cons


Peter Waldock
Councillor Peter Waldock

Uckfield North - Cons


Neil Waller
Councillor Neil Waller

Crowborough North - Cons

Dep Chair Planning North


David Watts
Councillor David Watts

Chiddingly & East Hoathly - Cons


Graham Wells
Councillor Graham Wells

Wadhurst - Cons

Portfolio Housing & Benefits


David White
Councillor David White

Hellingly - Independent


John Wilton
Councillor John Wilton

East Dean - Conservative






Dick Angel - Jo Bentley - John Blake - Bob Bowdler - Don Broadbent - Norman Buck - Raymond Cade - John Carvey - Lin Clark
Nicholas Collinson - Nigel Coltman - Ronald Cussons - Barby Dashwood-Morris - Dianne Dear - Phil Dixon - Pam Doodes

  Claire Dowling - Jan Dunk - Louise Eastwood - Philip Ede - Helen Firth - Jonica Fox - Roy Galley - Richard Grocock - Chris Hardy

Steve Harms - Jim Hollins - Peter Holloway - Johanna Howell - Toby Illingworth - Stephen Isted - David Larkin - Andy Long - Michael Lunn

Barry Marlowe - Nigel McKeeman - Huw Merriman - Rowena Moore - Kay Moss - Douglas Murray - Ann Newton - Ken Ogden

Amanda O'RaweCharles R Peck - Diane Phillips - Mark Pinkney - Major Antony Quin RM - Ronald Reed - Dr. Brian Redman

Carol Reynolds - Greg Rose - Peter Roundell - William Rutherford - Daniel Shing - Oi Lin Shing - Raymond Shing - Stephen Shing

Robert Standley - Susan Stedman - Rupert Taylor - Bill Tooley - Jeanette Towey - Stuart Towner - Chriss Triandafyllou - Peter Waldock

Neil Waller - David Watts - Mark Weaver -Graham Wells - David White - John Wilton




Is this an area of outstanding natural beauty?



AONB - Not a bad view, but in our opinion this does not quite make it for an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It is according to Wealden. There are much better views to be seen. Who draws up the boundaries and how are scenes assessed? Time for a review perhaps. Copyright photograph © January 2018 Climate Change Trust Hx.




Local Government Act 1972

94 Disability of members of authorities for voting on account of interest in contracts, etc.

(1) Subject to the provisions of section 97 below, if a member of a local authority has any pecuniary interest, direct or indirect, in any contract, proposed contract or other matter, and is present at a meeting of the local authority at which the contract or other matter is the subject of consideration, he shall at the meeting and as soon as practicable after its commencement disclose the fact and shall not take part in the consideration or discussion of the contract or other matter or vote on any question with respect to it.

(2) If any person fails to comply with the provisions of subsection (1) above he shall for each offence be liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding [F1level 4 on the standard scale] unless he proves that he did not know that the contract, proposed contract or other matter in which he had a pecuniary interest was the subject of consideration at that meeting.

(3) A prosecution for an offence under this section shall not be instituted except by or on behalf of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

(4) A local authority may by standing orders provide for the exclusion of a member of the authority from a meeting of the authority while any contract, proposed contract or other matter in which he has a pecuniary interest, direct or indirect, is under consideration.





The peaceful village of Herstmonceux, Gardner Street, with no EV charging points



VILLAGE BOTTLENECKS  - This is a typical country village strewn with potholes and repair craters that soak up energy from cars. Wealden District and East Sussex County Councils are not providing charging points for electric vehicles to help make them more popular with motorists. There is not a single charging point in Herstmonceux. Councils represent the log-jam that is keeping our air quality so poor that Europe has serious concerns - enough to summon Michael Gove to explain Conservative inadequacies.




95 Pecuniary interests for purposes of section 94.

(1) For the purposes of section 94 above a person shall be treated, subject to the following provisions of this section and to section 97 below, as having indirectly a pecuniary interest in a contract, proposed contract or other matter, if —

(a) he or any nominee of his is a member of a company or other body with which the contract was made or is proposed to be made or which has a direct pecuniary interest in the other matter under consideration; or

(b) he is a partner, or is in the employment, of a person with whom the contract was made or is proposed to be made or who has a direct pecuniary interest in the other matter under consideration.

(2) Subsection (1) above does not apply to membership of or employment under any public body, and a member of a company or other body shall not by reason only of his membership be treated as having an interest in any contract, proposed contract or other matter if he has no beneficial interest in any securities of that company or other body.

(3) In the case of married persons living together the interest of one spouse shall, if known to the other, be deemed for the purpose of section 94 above to be also an interest of the other.

[F1(4) In the case of civil partners living together the interest of one civil partner, shall, if known to the other, be deemed for the purpose of section 94 above to be also an interest of the other.]






Vicarage Lane, Hailsham, East Sussex, BN27 2AX T: 01323 443322




CONSERVATIVES - What cost to the country incompetence?  Sloppiness, Negligence and the failure of Members and Officers to declare their interests?


Don't let complacency get the better of the United Kingdom, keep your Council representatives on their toes - you'll be doing the country a service and your vigilance may help to dig us out of the extraordinary National Debt that we have built up over many years of overspending.










* The residents of Wealden District Council (WDC) are obliged to pay one of the highest rate levies in the country.


* This council has been found guilty of maladministration umpteen times and lost many cases at appeal and in the High Court.


* This council has been severely criticised by Planning Inspectors, the County Court and the High Court for its unreasonable behaviour.


* The transport network is substandard like a choking bottleneck to strangle businesses, especially the A27 and A22, roads that should have been modernized to at least dual carriageways, but preferably motorways about 20 years ago, by way of Pothole Politics.


* The Nolan Committee recommend no council officer serves more than 5 years to prevent cosy relationships forming.  In Wealden DC most senior officers have served 15 years or more and enjoy working with outside consultants, who employ ex council officers.  Clearly, this is a recipe for disaster.


* Some cases would be so damaging to this council, if they came into the public domain, this council have obtained gagging orders when settling claims of compensation.





Members who challenge officers on any issue will find themselves the subject of embarrassing rebukes, formal letters from officers reminding them of their duties, etc.  The plain fact is, the officers work for the Members and the Members represent the electorate.  All too often we find cases where officers have accused Members of impropriety in public, to eliminate these members from the decision making process.  It works because the Member so accused is then forced to declare an interest and excuse himself.  This tactic is adopted when an officer is about to be exposed and is a last resort.  However, these tactics are also contrary to the Council's constitution, where such public accusations hardly boost public confidence in the integrity of the Council.  It's got to stop!


The Councillors below meet together as a Full Council several times a year.  During these assemblies they decide the Council's overall policies and budgets.  The Council's Chairman, Vice Chairman and Leader are elected annually.  A Cabinet comprising 8 members is appointed by the Leader's recommendation, which group takes major decisions the Council may take.  Other Committees are also formed to decide various issues such as waste management and planning control.  You may ask a PUBLIC QUESTION if you put in your request in good time and the Council must respond in public and confirm their response in writing.


Policies are implemented through the Chief Executive and six Chief Officers who manage the departments and services the Council provides.  Therefore, it is essential that Councillors appoint officers fit to carry out their duties.


The Development Control Sub-Committees (North and South) meet on a four weekly basis to determine planning applications and deal with other development control functions. This Council employs around 600 staff in offices at Hailsham.  





Peter the Town rat is lurking in every corner to muddy the waters. In all dealings with your local or national representatives you are advised to record meetings and photograph anything that may be useful for reference purposes at a later date. Don't let Peter trip you up with his secret scribblings. Open everything up to scrutiny. It is your duty as a concerned citizen and a reliable record may save you a bob or two some way down the line.






Citizens have a number of rights in their dealings with the Council.  They may ask public questions, enquire of the Monitoring Officer as to the legality of any decision, action or refusal to take action.  You may lobby the members and the members, seen below, have a duty to properly investigate issues. You will find some of the more senior members may not be as enthusiastic as they once were, but you may find a champion in the ranks if it is for a worthwhile cause, so don't give up hope. Local and General Elections are the time when you can vote for someone that stands for your ideals.


For further detailed information on how the Council operates download a copy of their Constitution (pdf file - 236kb) or contact Martyn Garrett, Member Services Manager, on 01892 602433 or e mail: martyn.garrett@wealden.gov.uk




Pothole Politics



UK MAP - A typical country road that is strewn with potholes and repair craters that soak up energy from cars. Wealden District and East Sussex County Councils are not providing charging points for electric vehicles to help make them more popular with motorists. Councils represent the log-jam that is keeping our air quality so poor that Europe has serious concerns - enough to summon Michael Gove to explain Conservative inadequacies.




Roads are not up to scratch in the Wealden District of East Sussex



Snow settled on flora in the Wealden district of East Sussex February 2018






You'll notice that some councillors from seven years ago are still in evidence in 2018, having failed to make a dent in the housing shortage or provide affordable housing for young families, such that they may avoid the poverty trap and become financial slaves to greedy landlords.


Climate Change and affordable housing needs fresh talent, or old dogs that are prepared to learn new tricks to turn them back into inquisitive kittens. We think councillors need to attend a Climate Awareness Course, much like speeding motorists are given a chance to reform, rather than face penalty points.



photo - link to details of Councillor Lord Abergavenny
Councillor Lord Abergavenny

Frant/Withyham Conservative


Councillor Raymond Cade   


photo - link to details of Councillor Mrs Christina Berry
Councillor Mrs Christina Berry

Polegate North

Liberal Democrat


photo - link to details of Councillor Bruce Broughton-Tompkins
Cllr Bruce Broughton-Tompkins

Crowborough St Johns Cons


photo - link to details of Councillor Frank Brown
Councillor Frank Brown

Danehill/Fletching/Nutley Cons


photo - link to details of Councillor Norman Buck
Councillor Norman Buck

Buxted & Maresfield

Cons Deputy Leader Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Change Management


photo - link to details of Councillor Mrs Jane Clark
Councillor Mrs Jane Clark

Crowborough East

Liberal Democrat

Chairman Select Committee


Councillor Ronald Cussons


photo - link to details of Councillor Nick Ellwood
Councillor Nick Ellwood

Hailsham South and West

Wealden Independent

Leader, Wealden Independent Group


photo - link to details of Councillor Dr Ian Haffenden
Councillor Dr Ian Haffenden

Hailsham South and West

Wealden Independent


Councillor Steve Harms 


photo - link to details of Councillor Paul Holbrook
Councillor Paul Holbrook

Hailsham Central and North

Liberal Democrat


photo - link to details of Councillor Jim Hollins
Councillor Jim Hollins

Hartfield Conservative

Deputy Chairman, Environment Scrutiny Committee; Chairman Liquor & Entertainments Licensing Committee


photo - link to details of Councillor Mrs Pat Kennedy
Councillor Mrs Pat Kennedy

Buxted & Maresfield

Conservative Chairman of the Council

photo - link to details of Councillor Mrs Margaret Kirkpatrick
Cllr Mrs Margaret Kirkpatrick

Heathfield North & Central


Cab Port Holder Housing 

& Community Development


photo - link to details of Councillor David Logan
Councillor David Logan



Cabinet Portfolio Holder Finance & Assets


photo - link to details of Councillor Mrs Sylvia Martin
Councillor Mrs Sylvia Martin


Conservative Dep Chairman

Select Committee


photo - link to details of Councillor Roy Martin
Councillor Roy Martin

Polegate North Liberal Democrat

Deputy Chairman Dev Ctrl

South Sub-Committee


Councillor Nigel McKeeman


photo - link to details of Councillor Mrs Linda McKeever
Councillor Mrs Linda McKeever

Pevensey and Westham



photo - link to details of Councillor Ian McKirgan
Councillor Ian McKirgan

Crowborough Jarvis Brook

Wealden Independent


photo - link to details of Councillor Ian Mein
Councillor Ian Mein

Crowborough East

Lib Dem Vice Chairman and 

Deputy Chair Dev Nth Sub-Com


photo - link to details of Councillor Mrs Anna Monaghan
Councillor Mrs Anna Monaghan




photo - link to details of Councillor Mrs Laura Murphy
Councillor Mrs Laura Murphy

Hailsham Central and North

Leader of the Liberal 

Democrat Group


photo - link to details of Councillor Mrs Lynda Myers
Councillor Mrs Lynda Myers



Deputy Chairman 

Regulatory Committee


photo - link to details of Councillor Ian Nottage
Councillor Ian Nottage

Uckfield Liberal Democrat

Dep Chair Liquor and 

Entertainments Licensing






photo - link to details of Councillor Mrs Niki Oakes
Councillor Mrs Niki Oakes

Heathfield North & Central



photo - link to details of Councillor Raymond Parsons
Councillor Raymond Parsons

Forest Row


Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Corporate Services and Chair Personnel Committee


photo - link to details of Councillor Mrs Diane Phillips
Councillor Mrs Diane Phillips

Crowborough West


Chairman Community Scrutiny Committee


photo - link to details of Councillor Geoff Rowe
Councillor Geoff Rowe

Hailsham South and West

Wealden Independent


photo - link to details of Councillor Mrs Ivy Scarborough
Councillor Mrs Ivy Scarborough

Polegate South

Wealden Independent


photo - link to details of Councillor Tony Seabrook
Councillor Tony Seabrook


Liberal Democrat

Deputy Chairman Community Scrutiny Committee


photo - link to details of Councillor Paul Sparks
Councillor Paul Sparks

Uckfield North

Liberal Democrat

Deputy Chairman Internal Scrutiny Committee


photo - link to details of Councillor Robert Sweetland
Councillor Robert Sweetland

Uckfield Ridgewood

Liberal Democrat


photo - link to details of Councillor Mrs Sylvia Tidy
Councillor Mrs Sylvia Tidy

Chiddingly & East Hoathly



Stuart Towner

Councillor Stuart Towner 


photo - link to details of Councillor Brian West
Councillor Brian West

East Dean



photo - link to details of Councillor Keith Whitehead
Councillor Keith Whitehead



Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Sustainable Development &


Councillor Rupert Taylor

Conservative former Leader




Lord Abergavenny
Christina Berry
Bruce Broughton-Tompkins
Frank Brown
Norman Buck
Raymond Cade 
Jane Clark Mrs
Ronald Cussons
Nick Ellwood
Dr Ian Haffenden
Steve Harms  
Paul Holbrook
Jim Hollins
Pat Kennedy
Margaret Kirkpatrick
David Logan
Mrs Sylvia Martin
Roy Martin
Nigel McKeeman
Linda McKeever
Ian McKirgan
Ian Mein
Anna Monaghan
Laura Murphy
Lynda Myers
Ian Nottage
Niki Oakes
Raymond Parsons
Diane Phillips
Geoff Rowe
Ivy Scarborough
Tony Seabrook
Paul Sparks
Robert Sweetland
Sylvia Tidy
Stuart Towner 
Brian West
Keith Whitehead



Map of the Wealden district as divided for effective representation of the people



The Commission carried out an electoral review of Wealden between September 2015 - December 2016. The aim of the review was to deliver electoral equality for voters in local elections and recommend ward boundaries that means each councillor represented approximately the same number of electors.

Our review aimed to ensure that each Wealden councillor represented roughly the same number of voters and that ward boundaries reflected the interests and identities of local communities.


The Wealden (Electoral Changes) Order 2016, to implement recommendations made by the Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE) for new boundaries in Wealden, was made on 15 December 2016.

New ward arrangements for Wealden have now successfully completed a 40 day period of Parliamentary scrutiny and will come into force at the local elections in 2019. The order for Wealden can be viewed through the following link:


Draft order laid in Parliament - On 27 October 2016 the Wealden (Electoral Changes) Order 2016 was laid in draft in Parliament.

The draft order if made would give effect to the final recommendations that were consulted on during the Local Government Boundary Commission for England’s review of electoral arrangements in Wealden and published on 27 September 2016.

The draft order will be laid in Parliament for a period of 40 sitting days. Parliament can either accept or reject our recommendations. If accepted, the new electoral arrangements will come into force at the next scheduled elections for Wealden in 2019.

The draft order can be viewed here: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/id/ukdsi/2016/9780111150733







Vicarage Lane, Hailsham, East Sussex, BN27 2AX T: 01323 443322





Polegate wind turbine victory for campaigners



CLEAN ENERGY - This Council said NO, the Secretary of State said YES. Why would any council refuse permission for wind turbines where they have a duty to make CO2 reductions? Councillors and civil servant officers are there to carry out the wishes of the public - not pursue their own agendas. Not only that, but in forcing an appeal situation this Council was wasting you Taxes. This is your money they are pouring down the drain, then hiking up Council Tax to pay for their bloody mindedness. Clearly, we need fresh blood at the helm if this spending spree of public money is to be called to a halt.













Representation of the People Act 1983 - 1983 CHAPTER 2

Section - 159 Candidate reported guilty of corrupt or illegal practice

(1) If a candidate who has been elected is reported by an election court personally guilty or guilty by his agents of any corrupt or illegal practice his election shall be void.

(2) A candidate at a parliamentary election shall also be incapable from the date of the report of being elected to and sitting in the House of Commons for the constituency for which the election was held or any constituency which includes the whole or any part of the area of the first-mentioned constituency as constituted for the purposes of the election—

(a) if reported personally guilty of a corrupt practice, for ten years;

(b) if reported guilty by his agents of a corrupt practice or personally guilty of an illegal practice, for seven years;

(c) if reported guilty by his agents of an illegal practice, during the Parliament for which the election was held.

(3) A candidate at an election under the local government Act shall also be incapable from the date of the report of holding any corporate office in the local government area for which the election was held, or in any local government area which includes the whole or any part of the area of the first-mentioned local government area as constituted for the purposes of the election, or, if the election was in Scotland, of holding any corporate office in Scotland—

(a) if reported personally guilty of a corrupt practice, for ten years,

(b) if reported guilty by his agents of a corrupt practice, for three years,

(c) if reported personally guilty or guilty by his agents of an illegal practice, during the period for which the candidate was elected to serve or for which if elected he might have served,

and if at the date of the report he holds any such corporate office, then the office shall be vacated as from that date. In this subsection " corporate office " in England and Wales means the office of chairman, mayor or councillor of a county, London borough, district or parish or community council or of chairman of a parish or community meeting; and in Scotland the office of councillor of any local authority.

(4) The provisions of this section as to the consequences of the report that a candidate was guilty by his agents of a corrupt or illegal practice have effect subject to the express provisions of this Act relating to particular acts which are declared to be corrupt or illegal practices.





THE BLIND LEADING THE BLIND - Well done Bob! Former Councillor leader, Robert Standley has been allowing planning blight like that below for far too long. He failed to deliver affordable housing or tackle climate change in this geographical area of East Sussex.


Thank heavens this architect of over-development is gone. Maybe now we'll have the infrastructure for electric vehicles. Planning ahead in the fight for a sustainable future is all about making provision for what is needed. Bob's Council was used to taking advantage of other councils and making sure that his neck of the woods is free of development. What was he like?





King Charles II and James II, Royal African Trading Company - British slave trders



THROW OFF YOUR SHACKLES - Wealden, along with most other council's will not let you escape a life of slavery. Having abolished the very profitable slave trade, from Africa to the Caribbean colonies - but only after considerable lobbying and protestor efforts. The British ruling classes are now concentrating on enslaving those within the borders of the United Kingdom. Proof of the high level of corruption in British politics, is that Boris Johnson was allowed to tell so many untruths for so long, without even Queen Elizabeth blinking when she was lied to, about proroguing Parliament. The concept of slavery is thus very much ingrained in modern English thinking, focused on high taxation, and profiteering.






Shit creek at Herstmonceux village is Sussex. Would you buy one of these?



2020 - THE BROWN CLIFFS OF HERSTMONCEUX - Hailsham Road, Herstmonceux - Housing development in the village above Lime Wood, Herstmonceux in Sussex, clearly designed by climate morons and allowed by the the sheep at Parish and District council level. Sir David would not be amused as to the blight on nature, let alone Queen Victoria. To make matters worse, there appears to be a brown smelly discharge into the stream at the foot of what was a lovely little country ramble with an unspoiled stream. Now it is this insane artificial hillside! It's not Great Britain, it's a Great British Cock Up. You can read more about this at: http://shitcreek.info


















EMERGENCY - Wealden finally declare a state of climate emergency. But they are still granting permission to build houses that generate greenhouse gases like there is no tomorrow - hence they are fanning the flames - but appear too blinkered to notice what is happening in the Amazon and Brazil. They are more worried about generating council taxes, SAP and CIL charges to realise that a Climate Emergency means putting the brakes on for anything but ultra low carbon units that include micro generation and EV charging points.


They are even considering demolishing an existing building, knowing it is a permitted development and necessary for facilities to comply with Health & Safety Regulations. Hence, it would create carbon dioxide in the demolition and more CO2 to rebuild it. This is the kind of mixed up logic that is taking us over the brink. And that does not take into account the man and office hours burning more energy, while arguing over it. We wonder how many tons a High Court case generates?


They could be building affordable flat packs for around £26,000 that are made of wood to lock up carbon. Such units could be self-built and planning permission would have to be granted, according to statute - if only the council would use their powers of compulsory purchase to secure land at suitably low prices. This is the subject of letters to MP for Wealden: Nurat Ghani and James Brokenshire, the Secretary of State responsible for communities.