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The Wealden and other districts are policed by the Sussex force who is governed by their Chief Constable, Giles York. It is his job to put in place an effective administration. Giles York in turn reports to the Crime Commissioner, who is at this point in time Katy Bourne.


Katy Bourne seems concerned to gag people who bring her to task over crimes that Sussex police may have been party to - allegedly - such as Matt Taylor and now John Hoath. If crime commissioners routinely seek to bury allegations, what is the point of having them. Would it not be best to meet with complainants and thrash out their concerns, or even - dare we say it - prosecute the police personnel involved.


It sends the wrong message to decent serving officers and prospective job applicants to know that there may be skeletons lurking in the closet and we know that there are quite a few of those. Is it perhaps time to flush those away and start with a clean sheet? We believe that you can only build a strong future based on firm foundations.




RACHEL SWINNEY - Vows to chase drug dealers and aggressive beggars, but what about passive beggars? It seems that if you pester for money nicely you may get away with it. As for drug dealers, it has been alleged that police personnel, or ex police officers, have been involved in growing drugs like cannabis in Britain. We hope that there will be no more shooting unarmed men in the early hours of the morning in any forward drug raids, as with James Ashley - and that if the police do make mistakes - that they are bold enough to own up to it, rather than embark on a prolonged period of cowardly cover up to try and grab as much suspension pay as possible before admission. Don't you know that even criminals get time off for good behaviour, or is it the thought of having to do an honest days work to earn a living in civvy street.



Policing Sussex is a demanding job where there have been a number of chief constables over the years because of poor management and operational policies according to reports into incidents like the James Ashley shooting in Hastings, where an unarmed man who was naked at the time was killed in 1998 by Chris Sherwood special operations unit.



Paul Whitehouse corrupt Sussex police officer





Paul Whitehouse was ordered to resign by David Blunkett, the then Home Secretary because of the Report that condemned Whitehouse in respect of the James Ashley shooting and the raid that was: 


"authorised on intelligence that was not merely exaggerated, it was determinably false ... there was a plan to deceive and the evidence concocted."

Sir John Hoddinott concluded that the then chief constable of Sussex Police: 

"wilfully failed to tell the truth as he knew it, he did so without reasonable excuse or justification and what he published and said was misleading."

Sir John also found evidence against Deputy Chief Constable Mark Jordan. That included criminal misfeasance and neglect of duty, discreditable conduct and aiding and abetting the chief constable's false statements. There was suggested evidence of collusion between some or all of the chief officers and an arguable case of attempting to pervert the course of justice.

In a letter dated 27 June 2001, Sir Alistair Graham, the then chairman of the Complaints Authority, stated:

"it is not possible to let you have a copy of Barbara Wilding's and John Hoddinott's reports as section 80 of the Police Act 1996 specifically debars us from doing this except in special circumstances." Hence, the Report that would have confirmed to the public what many already have complained about was blocked by Paul Whitehouse and his merry men. But we know of recent cases where such collusion and concocted evidence was used to target another member of the public that Wealden want to ruin in the same way that James Ashley was a police target - to protect the real criminals in society.


With such damning evidence of local police corruption it is obvious that we need a very robust mechanism to keep law and order running legally and above board. We cannot have reports into what amounts to serious crime within the ranks of our law enforcement officers being secretive - and that brings us to the Masons and the secret chain of command that nobody wants you, the public, to know about.





Pothole Politics


UK MAP - A typical country road that is strewn with potholes and repair craters that soak up energy from cars. Wealden District and East Sussex County Councils are not providing charging points for electric vehicles to help make them more popular with motorists. Councils represent the log-jam that is keeping our air quality so poor that Europe has serious concerns - enough to summon Michael Gove to explain Conservative inadequacies.







Roads are not up to scratch in the Wealden District of East Sussex




Council offices in Hailsham and leisure centre


COUNCIL OFFICES - It's easy for a council to generate income from granting themselves planning consent on one site and then selling off another when it becomes prime real estate. These are the recently developed offices at Hailsham, it has to be said; almost totally devoid of climate change offset features. Wealden sold off their offices in Crowborough much to the annoyance of local residents. 













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