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Lloyd George and Winston Churchill.



Two of the greatest social reformers in British politics, Lloyd George and Winston Churchill. The Trade Descriptions Act 1968 came into effect on 30 November 1968. It replaced and expanded the old Merchandise Marks laws dealing with mis-description of goods in general and its particular job is to ensure, as far as possible, that people tell the truth about goods, prices and services. We think this should apply to politics and politicians.





NOTE: Honest John is a fictional character. It is doubtful that such tactics could ever succeed in the very much divided 'United Kingdom' the English, Northern Irish, Scottish and Welsh inhabit today (December 2022). The name, as with the 'Conservative' name, is anything but an accurate description as per the meaning of the Trade Description Act 1968.


In fairly recent politics in the beleaguered United Kingdom, the British public fell for election promises that the then candidates knew they had no chance to deliver. Many of which revolved around Brexit and independence from Europe. As a result, the UK economy foundered.


Edward John Thomas entered the political arena as an 'Independent' local councillor. Shocked at the level of corruption he encountered, and much dismayed at the antics of past PM's like Boris Johnson and Margaret Thatcher, he found that by telling it like it is, he was shunned as a district and then county councillor. But that, in being honest and forthright, the dishonest members eventually got caught out. He thus became an anti-corruption ambassador for the United Nations' Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs).


As a result of his unfortunate name, and dogged consistency, he was nicknamed "Honest Johnson" by the media, to differentiate him from Boris Johnson, the antichrist of truthfulness. At first this was thought to be something of a career hindrance, by cronies who had clawed their way up the corrupt ladder to power. But soon, the press, and his colleagues, realised that it was impossible to catch out the candidate, or otherwise belittle his integrity. And, more importantly, whether good or bad news, whatever "Honest Johnson" said, it could be relied on. Typically, supported by third party, and totally independent studies. Open (of course) to challenge by anyone.


Honest John, continued as an Independent candidate, calling his Agenda, Common Sense. Such that even though he was independent of other political parties, the media billed him as standing for the Common Sense Party. The fact is that many zero carbon industrialists and other well wishers, equated their company and personal values, with Honest John's (HJ).


HJ set up a supporters campaign account, in 100% transparent fashion. An absolute first for any candidate, anywhere in the world. His strength was his Manifesto, a no punches barred exposé of the flaws in the British Economy.


Of course, Prime Minister Edward Thomas would not tolerate any nonsense, and soon weeded out many of the malingerers, who had got into politics for consultancy back-handers, rather than to represent their constituency, and work hard towards creating a sustainable 'blue' economy. With equality and fair treatment for all.


'Honest John' embarked on a quest to rid the Nation of fossil fuels, especially imports. He introduced laws to push the infrastructure for electric vehicles and hydrogen for industry and home heating.


He also pushed the technology boundary for bulk storage of green hydrogen, with tax incentives, and requirements of the existing stakeholders to invest in promising technology. The UK soon became a net energy exporter. Manufacturing costs tumbled.


He was an advocate of zero carbon housing, and rewarded creativity in the entertainment and publishing arenas. Farming was boosted, tree planting and sustainable fishing. 'Honest John' implemented an ocean cleaning policy, lobbying other world leaders for change.


Most remarkably, this Prime Minister abolished pyramid trading schemes such a bitcoin, to get rid of the get rich quick ethos, that was eroding society. He pushed for a means of making the British £pound worth something more than the paper it was printed on. Linking it to agricultural output, backed by precious and non-precious metals. The £pound soared against the $dollar and Yen.


He also outlawed irresponsible lending, such as the Credit Society, where it cost poor families almost twice as much to live in the long term. These bedrock policies, began to work. They were honest, back to basics policies, that only rich landlords - seen as modern slavers - would object to. But, with affordable housing coming on stream, where he forces local authorities to only grant permission for truly sustainable homes, with proper support infrastructure, unearned income soon began to fall, as rents had to come in line with low cost housing that was now available.


As wealth spread across the nation more evenly, landlords sought to reduce their carbon footprints. Taxes on goods soon replaced other unfair impositions. The difference being a choice. Citizens relished pulling together, no longer feeling repressed.


In addition, Honest John, forbade councils from investing in fossil fuels, or overseas. Through his carefully selected Cabinet, civil servant salaries and pension funds were scrutinized to weed out policies at local level, that were not designed to deliver value for the tax payer, but more to generate income to fund the enhanced retirement packages of corrupt chief executives.


As you might imagine. Edward Thomas was not popular with some back benchers and non-elected members of the House of Lords, who had been profiteering, in turn contributing to offshore accounts, in a bid to escape notice. But he was respected absolutely by the honest working population. Who had been let down with the devaluation of their savings and ridiculous food and energy prices, under previous (non) Conservative Governments. Known as the Cost of Living Crisis.


Food and energy security for the ordinary voter, was paramount on his agenda.


This Prime Minister changed statute to force Kings and Queens to pay death taxes. No longer would they control the Courts and police with honours. It was borderline abolishment of the Monarchy, just one step removed. And the cruncher, was banning secret societies, such as the Masons. An organization that had infected the British Judiciary. No more favours for the old-school-tie brigade. You either had a case, or you didn't. A proposed Written Constitution had to be taken into account by the Courts. Thus, police investigations would be difficult to justify, if the conduct of the officers concerned was not impeccable.


The National Health Service was modernized, with computer analysis of hospital and local surgery efficiency. High salaries for chief executives were subject to downgrading, in relation to performance - as to indicators like waiting lists. Working from home was banned. Regardless of Covid 19 excuses. Relied on by doctors and councils as a "Get Out of Jail Free" card.


A special task force was created to investigate planning crime. Corrupt planning chiefs and their police cronies, were arrested and their properties frozen as proceeds of crime, including overseas investments. These confiscations, boosted state coffers, helping to offset the cost of prisons. Prisons too, came under scrutiny, to reduce the "Revolving Door" problem, much of which was to do with social inequality.


A windfall tax was created against farmers profiting from housing developments, most especially, those that were not affordable housing. The taxes from executive housing, went to fund social housing projects. Or to make low cost land available for self builds, like flat packs.


All citizens had their right to a fair trial re-instated. This meant revising Legal Aid limitations up, and ensuring that equal sums were available to the defence, to level the playing field. Including full disclosure of evidence. Procedures were tightened up to prevent abuse of process, as in discriminatory practices, contrary to codes of conduct. Especially at the investigation stages. The police would no longer control crime scenes, and thus become judge and jury. A practice that caused thousands of dissenters to be imprisoned fraudulently. The Criminal Cases Review Commission was replaced with rights to petition Appeal Courts, as new evidence or procedural irregularities surfaced. Once again, diluting cronyism in the judiciary.


This had a strange effect of lowering the cost of the justice system. Where local corruption was all but eliminated with computer algorithms to detect fraud, as in, abuses of positions of trust, like the alleged procurement fraud involving Michelle Mone, Baroness of Mayfair. People had to work again for a living, not leach off the workers in society.


Taxation rates were lowered, in line with the reduced cost of running the country. Also boosting taxes from spend, in circular economy fashion. So, raising the standard of living. Meaning those who were once undernourished, now enjoyed healthier diets. Reducing the cost of operating the National Health Service (NHS). With cleaner air to breathe, lung cancer rates began to drop in the suburbs.


Crime rates fell alongside prison population. With a fairer society, those who might have been tempted to the dark side, found they had a place in society. And that life could be good, without dealing drugs, or money laundering. The Social Security system was overhauled, to encourage working. Not with harsh punishments, but with gentle assistance, and understanding. Low carbon lifestyles were rewarded.


A Super Wealth Tax was introduced to offset the growing number of £Billionaires who were putting nothing back into society, where kleptocratic tendency was detected. Genuine philanthropists were exempted, subject to a special "Means & Mode" test.


Soon, the United Kingdom could hold it's head up high on the international stage. The formula, began to infect other corrupt administrations, mainly because the economy was working. Politicians began to be elected who were honest, to replace those who persisted with corrupt practices and lacking in transparency. His policies were seen as Circular and Sustainable. The UK was stronger than ever before. It was decent and honest.


'Honest Johnson' became known as the savior of the British economy. The media, no longer meant his nickname as an insult. They intended what they printed without inference, Shortening it to 'Honest John.'



UNFORTUNATELY, NOT A JOKE - Held to be the Anti-Christ of British politics, candidates like Boris Johnson and Margaret Thatcher, would no longer be able to treat the electorate like disposable assets, as in British Empire days - to keep their wealthy party supporters in the lap of luxury. So, sustaining a class system and slavery. The Big Red Bus 'lie' changed British statute (fictionally), to prevent the lesser informed electorate from being deceived, and so, in effect, voting to increase national debt and ultimately hardship. Election campaign rules were continuously monitored and enforced to ensure truthfulness from candidates.




The media slowly changed his name from "Honest John," to "Action Man," As his sweeping transformation of, at first, the British, and gradually, the international political landscape, began to bite.


The "Action Man" of politics, received many awards for his work. Including the Nobel Peace Prize, for bringing stability back to planet earth. By way of sustainability. And with that, a better understanding of each other.















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